About VUHU

VUHU is marked by Powerful content management which streamlines work flows and makes video ingestion , publishing, and syndication easy · Inbuilt Analytics providing insight into content performance and viewer behavior thus enabling informed decision making based on real data · Data driven content recommendations · Video monetization tools that support subscriptions, pay per view and video advertising based models.


Content Production

We understand the constraints associated with content production and that’s we enable you to produce content with our own facilities. Our exclusive partners own Professional Film Studio with state of the art equipment’s in their Mumbai offices.

Content Management

Vuhu consist content management system with high degree of usability and provides greater flexibility so that content partner can manage them with ease. Our designated team helps content provider to manage their branded content, audience and claims, backed up with ideas and insights from multiple social platforms.


We design content that complements your brand philosophy, and leverage it within our network of over 6 in house properties. We have 1.2 million paying users with 60 million views per month which is increasing exponentially.


Our in built analytical system provides greater understanding of content consumption behavior, user browsing pattern. This empowers partners to get real time revenue reports with greater insights of their audience so they can create better content and engage their audience in most interactive way.

  • First Cut

    First Cut is a superb android application for short movies.

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  • Filmy Tales

    As the name only suggests Filmy Tales is all about movies, film stars, B-Town gossips and their lifestyles.

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  • Bhojpurinama

    Bhojpurinama is a service that aims in connecting the people from their native culture/language.

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Vuhu Platform

VUHU is an integrated platform for content producers to join our network, access and analyses the performance dashboard of their channels, manage their content. It provisions a consolidated view of revenue share generated from the content producer, or videos in our network, published over different in house and third party properties. Lastly, it is the easiest way to recover money for all the media content created or managed by producer.


Inbuilt analytics tools empower brands and creators with the answer to “know what content to create”. We show our users some of video and ask its feedback in real time. With Vuhu inbuilt recommendation engine, it helps brands and creators know what kind of content is working well, what can create a buzz on social media, and what kind of content is appealing to the masses.


We are VAS company for internet generation, and we have been continiously exporting all over India. Our final product is composition of great quality content backed by data and technology.

Our team understands your needs and hence, we have our own in-house technology developed. The right content is syndicated onto diverse platforms that is personalized and curated for the users.

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